Welcome to Park Lane Elementary

Park Lane believes every child has the ability to learn. We believe that when the child, parent, and school work together we get maximum results from our efforts. Park Lane has a full range of educational support services. We offer In-class assistance using certified reading staff, inclusion for special education children, an instruction based upon student needs. We are the district center for English Language Learners (ELL’s).

Teachers meet weekly in grade level groups to discuss student needs. This discussion guides the instruction we provide for our students. Teachers met monthly to discuss building needs and to plan globally for our students. The staff actively takes part in district initiatives.

Our Faculty and Staff are here to support your successes as a member of the Park Lane Community.

Our goal at Park Lane is two-fold -- advancing children’s learning in achieving academic excellence; and promoting the development of their character. The first, advancing children’s learning will be achieved by applying creative dynamic teaching techniques in all subject areas. We want to create a collaborative relationship between the home and the school so we can work more effectively towards a common goal. We will approach educational challenges with optimism to ensure continual improvement and growth as life-long learners, constantly acquiring and developing new knowledge and skills to benefit students.

In development of character, we will incorporate values into our daily school program. We will maintain high standards of discipline by creating and maintaining a school climate filled with the Human Values of Love, Trust, Peace, Right –Conduct, and Non-Violence. This will enable students to peacefully and effectively discourage harassment and bullying and encourage Kindness, Tolerance, and Appreciation for the unity of all people and cultures.

At Park Lane Elementary School we develop academic excellence and social responsibility within our community by instilling in each student a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning

Working together as a team, the Park Lane Elementary School staff, students and parents will achieve excellence in education for each student in our learning community. We will provide each student with a quality education in a rich multicultural environment that ensures growth through active learning and high expectations. As a premier instructional facility serving all students, including English Language Learners, and parents in the William Penn School District, we will facilitate students becoming responsible life-long learners. Our students will be self confident of their direction, aware of all academic possibilities that exist, and those that they can create.

We believe that every individual has worth.
We believe that every individual can learn.
We believe that students, parents, school, and community working in partnership promote lifelong learning.
We believe that every individual in the learning community is entitled to a safe and healthy environment.
We believe that every individual is entitled access to opportunities which develop one’s potential.
We believe that our community’s diversity is a strength.
We believe that knowledge is the result of active and purposeful learning.
We have legal, moral and ethical duty to ensure that all students will learn.

At Park Lane Elementary School We Are Striving for Excellence!